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RQA will be pleased to provide tailored, independent advice on your Catering & Bar Service that will assist you to maximise your income and optimise your surplus, based on our commercial experience and our unique cost and spend per head comparators developed specifically for the leisure industry.


AuditsDo You Run Your Catering or Bar Service In House?   

ho defines your gross profit margin and do you test it against the market?  How do you prove that you really are selling your customers the products that they want to buy?  Are your employee costs really under control?  Do you benchmark your operational and financial performance to establish how competitive you really are?

RQA Leisure Catering Consultancy can provide a flexible range of options:
  • RQA Half or whole day Q & A Workshops
    is specifically designed to train and motivate your catering team and their leisure line management in order to achieve a better understanding of the problem areas in your business
  • The RQA Holistic Review
    that will give you a professional and comprehensive Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis and financial assessment of your current performance as well as identify profitable Options for the future

Is External Contracting the answer for your Catering or Bar operation?



Would you rather your leisure management focused their time and effort on providing leisure services?  Are your food and labour costs out of control?  Do you believe that you struggle to provide a quality catering service to your customers?  Do you make a real commercial profit?


If you believe that your catering operation will have a longer term future operated by a specialist external contractor RQA can help source the right company for you. 


Most contractors have a level of income below which they are not interested in tendering although exceptional circumstances can encourage exceptional offers!  National catering companies, because they have larger overheads, seek higher levels of income.


RQA's External Contracting Service will very swiftly assess what the true potential is for your business and provide estimated concession rental levels.  We will manage the entire competitive tendering process for you, including production of all draft documentation, ensuring that you receive the most competitive offers from the right type of company commensurate with the nature and scope of your catering service.


RQA brings substantial knowledge and experience to the competitive tendering process gained over many years and for a wide range of clients. We have an intimate knowledge of how contractors operate, the information they require, and will identify those that are most capable of aligning themselves with the Client’s operational ethos.


For further information contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   RQA Principal Catering Consultant: 01937 582754 or 07976 259152


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