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Outdoor Cafe in Autumn



You could be losing up to 40% of your potential income....


....through poorly sited or designed cafés, servery counters, kitchens or bars, and/or you could be significantly adding to your labour and overhead costs.


A large proportion of customers make their decision to purchase catering products on their way out of a Leisure Centre. 

Without a clear view of the ‘offer' when they are in the mood to buy you could be losing up to 20% of your potential sales. 

Make your customers walk up stairs to the café and our research shows that you lose another 20%. 

Improving both the siting and visual impact of a café can nearly double your catering income.


Having lured them into your café are you able to display the products your customers want to buy to the same professional standard as your competitors? 

Is the equipment also laid out for maximum efficiency for the staff and minimising pilferage? 

 Cafe Plan

Old servery and kitchen equipment is generally less energy efficient and more expensive to clean and maintain than its modern equivalent.  They also do not incorporate the latest Health and Safety features.  Ignore a significant element of any of these factors and your surplus suffers.


Customer expectations regarding quality of facilities are much higher than they were ten to fifteen years ago.  With the large corporate businesses in the leisure industry refurbishing licensed bar and catering facilities every three to five years as a matter of policy, leisure centres that do not freshen up their cafés and bars will lose business to those that do.


Not being aware of the different grades of catering equipment that are available or the type of service that is required can lead to overspending and wasted space and unused capital equipment.


How can we help?


Plans We are able to manage the whole process for you so that you don't have to take valuable management resources away from running your principal business.


Having received a brief from you we will produce an Outline Concept document including all your requested essential elements.

We have established a successful partnership with one of the UK's leading catering equipment suppliers that allows us to provide personalised, cost effective design services for kitchen layouts and café seating areas for our clients that includes the provision of free CAD designed plans and drawings.  Included within the process are competitive quotes for the provision of the equipment selected, which establishes a benchmark price for the budget process.


Servery Plan

Following our positive guidance the designers we will ensure that we not only make the most effective use of the space but also ensure that the facilities will comply with all relevant Health and Safety and Food Safety legislation.


When you believe that the kitchen and servery designs meet your expectations a Trades and Service specification will be added to the drawings.


Following the design stage we are able to put all the catering equipment out to a competitive tender process on behalf of our clients to ensure that they obtain exactly the right equipment at the most competitive prices.


On completion of the process we will attend the commissioning of the equipment, certify satisfaction and supply a Summary Report that includes the decisions that we have made and the reasons for them.

For further information contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   RQA Principal Catering Consultant: 01937 582754 or 07976 259152


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