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Setting up a catering service or department is a daunting task for most leisure managers especially if it coincides with major single or multiple site redevelopment or new build projects.




What do you do first - appoint suppliers or develop a purchasing policy? .......


When do you appoint your catering manager/supervisor? .......


How do you develop a credible three year financial budget and what do you base it on if you have no previous figures available?  .......


What procedures do you have to put in place to comply with the Food Safety Regulations and how does that relate to the organisation's Health and Safety Policy Document? ....... 


What do you include in your marketing strategy?

Drawing on our practical experience of starting leisure catering businesses of all sizes RQA Leisure Catering Consultancy can provide advice and assistance in all the following areas:  

New Plans

  • Facilities Design - kitchen, support areas and front of house

  • Equipment - heavy and light kitchen equipment and soft furnishing provision

  • Suppliers - appointment of suppliers, purchasing policies and defined purchasing lists

  • Opening strategy - for new or redeveloped facilities

  • Marketing Strategy - including a comprehensive policy that includes measuring value for money, pricing structures, advertising campaigns and product presentation

  • Business planning - comprising the elements that you specify but focused on a three year budget projection based on our unique income and cost price comparators

  • Outline Procedural Documents - for completion by the onsite management

  • Outline Food Safety and Catering Specific Health & Safety Documentation

  • Job specifications - for catering management and supervisors

  • Employment process - assistance through the whole process of selecting a catering manager or their subordinates to the point of a job offer and advice on TUPE requirements

  • Quality management system - comprehensive advice on gaining accreditation to the EFQM recommended quality model Hospitality Assured


Child Eating



We will be delighted to assist with all or any of the above according to your needs.  Our objective is to establish the outline structure for your catering organisation allowing your catering team to develop and personalise the details such as menus, organisational procedures, and employment of staff.


For further information contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   RQA Principal Catering Consultant: 01937 582754 or 07976 259152


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