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Hospitality Assured

....is the Standard for Service and Business Excellence in the Hospitality Industry in the UK.





It has been endorsed by the British Quality Foundation as meeting the requirements of the EFQM Business Excellence Model which ensures that customers will see Hospitality Assured accredited companies as being of “the very best” and by industry as being “leaders” in their field.


This industry led, definitive National Standard provides direct benefits to hospitality businesses of all sizes:

  • it will demonstrate to customers and staff their commitment to Service Excellence

  • improved profitability thereby strengthening longer term viability, growth, longer term employment prospects and an improved perception of the industry

  • a template for Business Improvement based on very Best Practice

  • an easy to use, industry specific, self assessment diagnostic tool for organisations of all sizes to identify and prioritise action

  • the opportunity for accreditation and national recognition as an organisation concerned with providing the highest standards of customer care

  • comparison to 'best in class' through an integrated national benchmarking database

Peter Clark FIH has been the Institute of Hospitality’s Accredited Training Provider specialising in the leisure sector since Hospitality Assured was launched in 1998. Peter brings his extensive operational experience as a former Managing Director of a Company that operated catering services in leisure centres, theatres, museums, railway stations and international airports.

Planning ReviewHospitality Assured Workshops 

Peter's depth of experience in his chosen field means that he is particularly well equipped to assist organisations with the self-review process through Hospitality Assured Workshops including his facilitation of:

  • participation by all levels of staff in the review process
  • explanation of each key step involved
  • managing the self-review Workshop programme, content and schedule
  • taking notes of all the agreed Key Action points.


Peter's principal objective is to ensure that at the end of each Workshop everybody who has attended understands where their organisation is at the time of the Review, where they want to be, and how they are going to get there!

Following each Workshop he provides the client with their unique Draft Self Review and Outline Action Plan for final approval.

If the Action Plan identifies the need for further external support we will be delighted to provide whatever is required.  Telephone support for items related to the Self Review is provided free of charge - within reason!

Many of our clients request that Peter returns just before they apply for accreditation in order to carry out a half-day workshop to establish that they are ready for assessment.

Download the Hospitality Assured brochure.


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