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PPG 17 and Local Standards Print

Sports FieldRobust and reliable processes to underpin open space and sports facility strategic planning....




Following the principles and guidance of PPG 17:

Sport CourtWe review existing and suggest new local standards for Open Space, Sport and Recreation facilities using Quantitative, Qualitative, and Accessibility analyses.

We establish future need and demand and local standards to be adopted for community, recreational and specialist sports facilities based upon the particular circumstances of the local authority.

We assess its mix of settlement types, undertake parish and stakeholder consultation, demographic analysis including the impacts and community needs of new housing development and population change.

Our facility auditing includes assessments according to typology, condition, usage profile and user perceptions, and neighbouring authority facility impacts. We benchmark and compare realistically, and, using rigorous and robust methodologies and models, provide confidence and reliability in the process and in our findings.

  Sport Field2

  • Our work will contribute to establishing policies for Developer Contributions within the Local Development Framework
  • and will lead to the production of Open Space, Sports and Recreation Facility Strategies and the detailed Action Plans that will deliver them


Our work in this area has included studies for:
  • Basildon Borough Council, Winchester City Council
  • East Hampshire District Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council
  • Exeter City Council, North Dorset District Council and the Borough of Oswestry


Where appropriate we have drawn upon the specialist services of:

Baqus Construction Consultancy

Land Use Consultants, the Halcrow Group

JPC Strategic Planning and Leisure

Leisure and the Environment



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