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Baked Goods


An essential requirement...



....of making a surplus from any catering organisation is buying the right ingredients at the most competitive prices. 


The prices at which you purchase your ingredients whether they be for food, confectionery or drinks are critical to the overall success of your operation.  Every penny you save drops down to the bottom line.


Catering Oils


Catering procurement is a specialist area but few non-catering based organisations understand its ‘mechanics' or take a methodical, business-like approach to buying.  Instead they prefer to leave it to the on-site catering manager who generally has no strategic buying experience at all. They think that it is easier to stick with a supplier who is perceived to be friendly and gives you frequent special offers rather than have the hassle of going through a formal tender process and obtaining the best possible prices for the business.




Wine Glass

It is also a misconception to believe that large procurement departments can achieve competitive prices for small to medium size leisure catering operations.  These departments' staff and capital overheads generally mean that they charge significant on costs. 


Catering purchasing is a specialist area which requires experience in that area.  The advantages of bulk buying will also be concentrated on the activities of the majority of businesses that participate in any given purchasing scheme.


If your leisure operation is buying through a procurement department that buys principally for school meals you will be buying products completely outside their normal range and your prices will suffer accordingly. Buying through purchasing consortia has similar pitfalls.



Eat Me

There is no doubt that when buying for catering operations, whether it's food, bar or vending ingredients, knowledge is power!  Most catering suppliers stock enormous ranges of products and if you focus what you buy they will be able to offer you the best discounts. 


Knowing exactly what you are currently buying and at what price, as well as making statistically based decisions to limit the range of products that you buy, will earn additional discounts.  Not least because a salesman when faced with detailed purchasing information will recognise you as somebody that knows what they are talking about and respond accordingly.


How Can We Help?


Effective purchasing, properly managed is a time consuming process but well worth the effort.  The procedure that we will carry out on your behalf will ensure that you make all the critical decisions. 


You will choose:

  • which products you want to include or exclude;
  • which suppliers you want to invite to tender;
  • how you want the tendering process managed;
  • and, most importantly, which suppliers are appointed.


And finally, because we know that you would not want a consultant to carry out this exercise and charge you a fee if you did not make any savings, we offer this service on a NO SAVING, NO FEE basis so that you carry no financial risk.


If you would like more details on our NO SAVING, NO FEE Purchasing Reviews or

For further information contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   RQA Principal Catering Consultant: 01937 582754 or 07976 259152


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