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RQA Leisure Management Consultancy

Creative business solutions within public, private, education and voluntary sectors


Our breadth and depth of  knowledge, experience and expertise, enable us to deliver strategic and financial advice, and the underpinning processes, with confidence:  
  • feasibility studies, strategic planning, business planning and funding,  management and organisational change
  • the arts, museums, libraries, sport facilities and sports development plans, countryside, parks and water recreation, community engagement initiatives, and health promotion  

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RQA Leisurexecutives

Interim Senior Executive Placement service to local authorities and major venue operators
  • cost efficiently 'plugging the gap' with a high level of experience, competence and innovation


RQA Leisure Catering Consultancy

Leisure catering and vending is an RQA specialist area where our commercial business and marketing acumen has successfully:
  • maximised catering returns, improved quality, enhanced efficiency, and created well designed catering facilities 

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We work with a broad range of public and private sector organisations:
Arts and Architecture


  • local authorities -  county, district, town and parish councils 

  • education establishments

  • regional development agencies
  • developers and architects

  • leisure management contractors

  • leisure trusts

  • voluntary organisations and sports clubs