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Service Reviews following Best Value principles



The RQA Health Check
  • Detailed Service Reviews of strategic rationale, objectives, nature of service and customers - Challenging accepted principles
  • Consultation and Research including user / non-user surveys
  • Assessment of Performance and Continuous Improvement
  • Evaluation and Comparison against industry benchmarks and indicators for efficiency, effectiveness and economy
  • Advising on management options and the tender process - managing Competition
  • Development of SMART Action Plans
  • Catering Healthchecks

Significant projects include:
  • Best Value Evaluation and Training for States of Jersey, Sport, Leisure and Recreation
  • Best Value Review of Libraries in Swindon
  • A Cultural Strategy for Surrey Heath following Best Value principles
  • Exeter City Council's Leisure Strategy - a Best Value Service Review
  • Sports and community facility reviews for Winchester City Council and East Hampshire District Council
  • Catering Healthchecks for Leisure Trusts and  DSOs


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