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We are delighted to outline the popular Leisurexecutives Senior Executive Interim Placement Service operated by RQA Ltd since 1988, supplying our clients with high calibre Senior Executive Officers as a short or longer term 'stop gap'.

We are able to provide, subject to requirement, availability and compatibility, Interim Placements offering full, part-time and project related assistance, overseeing:

  • Your Leisure/Cultural/Community or other Department;

  • Groups of Leisure Venues; or

  • A major Leisure Complex, for example.


Placements are normally project and multi-task orientated utilising the particular high level experience and skills of the RQA Leisurexecutive, and may be for one month, three months or six months duration, on a three, four or five day a week basis, working flexibly to deliver the agreed project outcomes.

Our Leisurexecutives are industry leaders and normally qualified and experienced beyond the requirements of the post. This enables immediate impact and credibility among junior, and senior officers and at elected member level as required, with the minimum of training and familiarisation. We aim to 'hit the ground running' to quickly begin delivery of the outcomes sought by our clients.




The RQA Leisurexecutive Service will provide you with project and task execution to the highest standards and professionalism,including, as required:

  • Operational line management ensuring client confidence through effective team building, prioritising customer service and commercial imperatives;

  • Priority checks and implementation if required of Operational Systems and Health and Safety procedures and monitoring;

  • Priority checks on financial procedures and controls;

  • Contract compliance and monitoring - financial, technical, assets, usage and promotion;

  • Objectives for service improvement to be agreed with the client;

  • A review of structure and staff organisation, and of Management Options for the service; and

  • A confidential RQA HealthCheck Report.

The RQA Leisurexecutive Service includes within the costs agreed:

  • Monitoring and overview of the Placement and performance of the Leisurexecutive against agreed inputs and outputs by the RQA Managing Director, including periodic progress reports to the client;

  • Initial, progress, completion meetings with the client, or as required with the RQA Managing Director and Leisurexecutive;

  • Availability and access to specialist advice from the wider RQA Consultancy Team if required;

  • Support to the Leisurexecutive of the RQA Research and Administration Team;

  • Review of divisional strategy, objectives, action plans and financial targets;

  • Cost centre health checks covering operations, finance, health and safety, service delivery, staff and staff training.

  • Added value of the Service through the RQA Approach and Code of Conduct;


Additional "bolt-on" Services available are:

  • The RQA Comprehensive Performance Assessment HealthCheck

  • Profitability Audits for Cost Centres, Food and Beverage, Retail

  • Condition Survey - either ‘superficial’ or by qualified Building Consultant;

  • Access Audit - covering requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and beyond;

  • Service review against the European Business Excellence Model

  • Service review of delivery against Specification and Best Value

  • Business Planning, and

  • Production of Marketing Plans, for example.

Some of these may be incorporated into the Interim Placement Brief.


The RQA Leisurexecutive Interim Placement Service is tailored to your needs


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