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The RQA Team is led by David Lord, Managing Director,

supported by specialist Senior Consultants and experts covering a wide range of industry service areas, including:

  • Commercial development and managemment of indoor arenas and stadia
  • Strategic planning for leisure
  • Business planning and management models
  • Feasibility studies, funding strategies and applications
  • Facilities management and quality assurance
  • Catering facilities design and management
RQA works closely with a number of associate companies providing research, design and construction advice to our clients including leisure architects, landscape design, construction and quantity surveyingSports Centres advice, including: 

Saville Jones Architects 

Baqus Construction Consultancy


Land Use Consultants


Project Planning



Providing the expert advice of our Project Teams, or our Leisurexecutive Interim Placements, RQA will work closely with its clients and their customers to provide robust business solutions -  Developing Quality Partnerships through People!


A first choice for the leisure industry - Promoting quality & value for money

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